State of California law requires disclosure of financial interest in the sponsor of a research project whether as the prime recipient or as a subcontractor; the donor of a research gift; and, under certain circumstances, the provider of materials under a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) when that sponsor, donor, or provider is a non-governmental source.

For research projects, the Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators (Form 700-U) should accompany the proposal to the Sponsored Projects Office or the Industry Alliances Office.

  • In Phoebe, the 700-U should be added as an attachment. In addition, the paper 700-U, with original, ink signature and date, must be sent or delivered to SPO after it is uploaded to Phoebe. Please reference the Phoebe proposal number in the top, right-hand corner of the form.

For MTAs, the Form 700-U should accompany the Material Transfer Agreement Review Form to the Industry Alliances Office.

For gifts, the Form 700-U must be submitted to the COI Office when a gift is received and be accompanied by any documentation associated with the gift, i.e., donor correspondence, copy of the gift check, gift acceptance forms, departmental acceptance letter, and the like.


NOTE: Please use Adobe Acrobat or Reader to fill out PDF forms. (If you have difficulty filling out a form, please download the form to a local computer before filling it out.)

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