Research Gifts

Financial Disclosure, Conflict of Interest, and Compliance

Gifts are awards given with few or no conditions specified. Gifts may be provided to establish an endowment, to provide direct support for existing programs, or to support research activities. Frequently, gifts are used to support developing programs for which other funding is not available. The unique flexibility, or lack of restrictions, makes gifts attractive sources of support. Gifts are administered by University Development and Alumni Relations.

State of California law requires disclosure of financial interest in the donor of a research gift when that donor is a non-governmental source.

UC Berkeley policy requires that individuals receiving research gifts must comply with all protocol regulations for human subjects, animal subjects, and radioactive materials, biohazards, and other hazardous materials.

The disclosure form(s), Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators (State of California Form 700-U), and, if interests are disclosed on the 700-U, Addendum to Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators) should accompany all research gift processing paperwork.

  • The Form 700-U can now be completed and signed electronically with DocuSign, available through an integration with Phoebe. See the Phoebe guidance on the DocuSign Form 700-U for more information. If the Phoebe-generated DocuSign Form 700-U is submitted, no signed “wet-ink” paper copy is required.
  • If the original PDF version (non-DocuSign) of the form is used, the paper 700-U, with original ink signature and date, must be sent or delivered to the COI Office, in addition to including the 700-U with the gift processing paperwork.


NOTE: Please use Adobe Acrobat or Reader to fill out PDF forms. (If you have difficulty filling out a form, please download the form to a local computer before filling it out.)