PHS Financial Disclosure Training Requirement


All Investigators are required to take PHS-compliant training prior to engaging in PHS-funded research for new awards or no later than the due date of the next subsequent progress report/non-competing continuation proposal for ongoing projects, whether receiving remuneration or not, and at least every four years while engaging in PHS-funded research. Training is also required immediately if an Investigator is new to the institution, if the UC policies change in a way that affects Investigator requirements or if UC finds that an Investigator is noncompliant with any policy or management plan. This training requirement applies equally for those funding agencies that have adopted the PHS regulations. The institution must be able to verify that training has been completed. The training requirement must be met as follows:

  • UC Ethics and Compliance Briefing for Researchers (ECBR) is available for UC Berkeley researchers with a Calnet ID through the UC Learning Center. Note that UC extramurally funded researchers (PHS and non-PHS funded) must complete this ECBR training (whether or not they have also completed other PHS-specific training) to satisfy Regentally mandated COI training.
    • Go to the UC Learning Center, login with your Calnet ID, and search for UC Ethics and Compliance Briefing for Researchers.
    • Go through the training slides to complete the course.
    • After you have completed the training, you will receive a certification email. Keep this email for your records.
  • In addition, all Investigators should complete the on-line training provided by NIH.
  • Additional training to augment but not substitute for COIR training is available through CITI.

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