Financial Interest Screening Questions in Phoebe


Principal investigators do not need to submit a separate conflict of interest PDF document to disclose a negative financial interest for an investigator named in a proposal to PHS, NSF, DOE, or any of the other agencies that have adopted federal financial disclosure policies. This process does not involve State of California 700U disclosure forms.

The PI will answer a question in the Phoebe Proposal module based on the sponsor’s requirements on behalf of all of the investigators involved in the PI’s project. This means that the PI will need to obtain information on each investigator’s financial interests prior to answering the questions and submitting his/her proposal to SPO.

If all investigator disclosures are negative, nothing more will be required.

For positive disclosures for PHS and those sponsors that have adopted PHS conflict of interest policies, all positive disclosures will be required at the JIT stage.

For positive disclosures for NSF and other non-PHS federal sponsors, positive disclosures must be provided with the proposal.

For positive disclosures for DOE, all positive disclosures must be provided for review prior to the award being released.

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