UC Berkeley CALmessages Notice

Date: November 14, 2001
Sender: Beth Burnside, Vice Chancellor for Research
To: Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs
Subject: Compliance Policy for Research Gifts

The campus administration has the responsibility to ensure that all research involving the use of human subjects, vertebrate animals, radioactive materials and/or biohazards be conducted in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Therefore all research projects regardless of the source of funding that include any of the above activities must be cleared through the appropriate oversight committees.

This oversight requirement includes research projects supported by gift funds. To facilitate identification of oversight issues associated with research supported by gift funds and to inform faculty how to obtain necessary clearances, we have developed a new check sheet (Compliance Information Form for Research Gifts) which will accompany the Statement of Economic Interests that all faculty now complete when receiving research gift funding. The Compliance Information Form for Research Gifts is attached for your information and circulation.

Please inform faculty who receive research gifts that the Compliance Information Form for Research Gifts must be filled out along with their Statement of Economic Interests; both forms should then be forwarded to the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO). SPO will forward this information to the appropriate oversight committee(s) for assistance in helping Principal Investigators obtain any approvals required by laws, regulations, or policies.

Gift fund accounts will not be made available for expenditures until both the Statement of Economic Interests and the Compliance Information Form for Research Gifts have been filed, and until the appropriate committee approvals have been obtained.

The Compliance Information Form for Research Gifts and instructions are posted on the Sponsored Projects Office’s website at http://www.spo.berkeley.edu/Forms/gift/gift.html. Please refer all questions about this new form and procedures to Joyce Freedman, Director of SPO.


Beth Burnside
Vice Chancellor for Research

source: UC Berkeley CALmessages: https://calmessages.berkeley.edu/archives/message/16947