Guide To Consulting For Faculty And Academic Employees

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Date: May 10, 2006
Sender: Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor
To: Academic Senate Faculty, All Academic Titles, Emeriti, Senior Administrative Officers
Subject: Guide To Consulting For Faculty And Academic Employees

Interim Policy & Guidelines

As many of you may recall, on March 20th 2003 VCR Beth Burnside brought to the attention of campus faculty a new UCOP memorandum entitled “Guidance for Faculty and Other Academic Employees on Issues Related to Intellectual Property and Consulting”. This guidance document was presented with a cover letter indicating that “This document does not involve the introduction of new policy; rather it represents an effort to translate existing policies and procedures into one transparent and clear document.”

For many faculty the language of the new memorandum appeared, indeed, to introduce new interpretations of UC policy regarding faculty obligations to the University, as well as regarding the identification and management of potential conflict-of-interest situations. There were Berkeley faculty expressions of concern about this document that were mirrored on many other UC campuses. Since then, the VCR, the AVC IPIRA, the Dean of Engineering, and several Engineering faculty have been engaged in consultation with UCOP, trying to arrive at a transparent statement of UC policy on these matters and a plan for how UC policy should most effectively be implemented on the Berkeley campus. It was essential that our implementation of the policy be consistent with our ability to be effective educators and researchers in fields defined as ‘professions of practice,’ while also protecting the interests of the University and the State.

With this communication I am providing the attached Guide To Consulting For Faculty and Academic Employees: Interim Policy & Guidelines. This draft version reflects our extensive consultation with UCOP. While the details of language of this version have not received final approval by UCOP (and thus will likely change slightly in the final version), we are confident that we have agreement in concept. In the interest of time and to ensure we do have policies and procedures in place in the interim, this Guide is being provided to establish an Interim Policy on Faculty Consulting for the Berkeley campus. Our goal is to have a fully sanctioned set of procedures in place by Fall semester at the latest.

We believe that this document describes a very workable approach to supporting faculty in their obligations to our students while ensuring effective technology transfer to California industry and meeting our obligations to the University and the State.

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