Briefing Sheet

The State of California requires disclosure of financial interest(s) when a research project is funded or supported in whole or in part by a gift, grant, contract, or (under certain circumstances) Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) from a non-governmental organization (NGO).

Note: Funding from certain NGOs will not trigger a 700-U disclosure as they have been exempted from the process by the State. A list of those NGOs is found at List of Non-governmental Entities Exempt From Disclosure Requirement.

Who Files: Any person employed by UC (i.e., the Principal Investigator) who has principal responsibility for a research project as defined by the State. The individual filer is responsible for certifying under penalty of perjury as to the correctness and veracity of the information in the disclosure.

What is filed: A 700-U Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators and, if a defined financial relationship is disclosed, an Addendum to Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators.

When are disclosures filed: At the time a gift is received or when a proposal is submitted to the Sponsored Projects Office or the Industry Alliances Office.

What is disclosed: 1) paid or unpaid positions, including but not limited to, consultant, trustee, or director; 2) investment(s), whether direct, indirect, or beneficial; 3) income of $500 or more within the last 12 months, where income includes but is not limited to salary, interest, royalty payments, proceeds from sale, reimbursement for expenses, per diem; 4) loans within the last 12 months where the balance exceeds $500; 5) gifts within the last 12 months with a value of $50 or more; and 6) certain travel payments.

Review and approval of disclosures: The faculty Conflict of Interest Committee, which meets monthly, is charged with review, management, and approval of all positive financial disclosures. This approval must be in place before any funds may be expended from a gift, grant, or contract or materials received under a MTA.

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