Briefing Sheet

The National Science Foundation (NSF) requires disclosure of significant financial interests by investigators receiving support for research either directly or via subaward. UCOP Special Research Programs have also adopted the NSF requirements.

What is filed: An NSF Financial Disclosure Form, completed and signed by each member of the research team who meets the NSF definition of investigator, submitted with the proposal to the Sponsored Projects Office.

Who Files: All Principal Investigators, Project Directors, Co-Principal Investigators, and any other members of the research team (e.g., postdocs) who will be responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of the proposed project.

When are disclosures filed: At the time a new proposal is submitted to the sponsor and whenever there is a change in the financial interests of a responsible individual. The initial disclosure must accompany the proposal submitted to the Sponsored Projects Office.

What is disclosed: All financial interests of the responsible individual, spouse, registered domestic partner, and dependent children exceeding $10,000 or 5% ownership in entities that might be affected by the research being conducted on the proposed project. Financial interest means anything of monetary value, including salary or other payments for services (from any sources other than UC), equity interests, and intellectual property rights (patents, copyrights, and royalties from such rights).

Managing the potential conflict: The UCB faculty Conflict of Interest (COI) Committee reviews all positive financial disclosures and takes the necessary steps to manage, reduce, or eliminate any conflicts of interest before approval is granted. Approval of the financial disclosure by the COI Committee is required before any awards are set up by the Sponsored Projects Office. The COI Coordinator is responsible for notifying NSF if a financial conflict of interest is unmanageable.

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